How to Conserve Energy While Using AC?

How to Conserve Energy While Using AC?

Conserving energy while using the air conditioner is easy if you know how to do it. You can start by letting fresh air inside your home. You should never block all windows and exterior doors with curtains or other objects to prevent cooler outside air from entering your house. Opening window shades during the day is another good strategy for this same end.

Another thing that you can do to conserve energy while using AC is to use a ceiling or portable fans in tiny rooms like bathrooms or kitchens, where cooling down quickly matters most -while leaving larger rooms without any fan at all because they require less electricity than an air conditioner does. Ceiling fans make a room feel four degrees cooler than it is, saving up to 40% on your cooling bill.

Also, if there is a room in your house that you seldom use, but you know will be needed later, consider lowering the temperature of the AC until you need to occupy this room again. You can also try using a fan or opening windows if the temperature is comfortable enough –in the absence of fresh air from outside- to keep temperatures down for longer periods.

And remember: hotter outdoor temperatures mean more energy used for cooling. So be aware of weather forecasts and plan accordingly by turning off unnecessary lights and appliances or delaying laundry until cooler hours. Leaving A/C units running constantly will not make indoor conditions any better -or much worse.  It is a better idea to turn them off if no one is home or at night.

Preserving Energy During Summer

In the summer, your goal should be to keep temperatures from rising past 77°, so turning off A/C when you leave home can save energy and money on your electric bill. Use air conditioner cover to preserve it for long.

When it comes to A/C units, window-type generally uses less electricity than central air conditioning systems for cooling. However, they are more expensive initially and may not cool down all rooms in a house adequately. If you have a central air conditioning system that needs repairs, call a professional immediately because leaving broken air conditioner systems unattended will only increase your energy bills over time.

Conserve Energy

One of the best ways to conserve energy while using AC is to limit the time you use it. For instance, you can set a timer on your thermostat to shut off the system before going to sleep at night and turn it back on when everyone wakes up. Another idea is to choose a programmable thermostat so that you can have more control over when your AC runs and for how long.

Along with making sure your appliances are clean, keeping them properly maintained by a professional will keep them from using excess electricity during operation and help conserve energy while using AC. Your cooling unit should be serviced once or twice per year, depending on usage, which will also increase the lifespan of the equipment itself.

When all else fails, and you just need some cool air in a pinch, remember that you can always bring a portable fan in your room to provide some relief.