Some Tips On Cleaning And Maintaining Your Patio Furniture and Keeping It In Their Pristine Condition

Some Tips On Cleaning And Maintaining Your Patio Furniture and Keeping It In Their Pristine Condition

Outdoor furniture covers essay a crucial role in extending the life and durability of your patio furniture by shielding it from heavy rains and the seething sun. With the right patio table cover, you can enjoy more lounging and barbeques by the pool without buying new furniture.

  • There are specific ways in which you can prevent covers from ballooning or flying away on windy/stormy days.
  • Use cover clamps. They are an easy and affordable solution. Clamps secure your outdoor furniture covers, protecting the items in adverse conditions.
  • Furniture weights and rocks may be cheaper alternatives for securing your cover, but their functionality and performance are inconsistent and unpredictable, especially in the face of high winds.
  • Premium patio covers will sit firmly in one place. You can use safety clips to add another protective layer. Some environments do call for more protection.

Cleaning Patio Furniture

You could be the most careful person on earth, but something will spill on your outdoor furniture. After human errors, nature too has its own way of playing the fool. If you don’t take preventive steps to maintain your outdoor furniture like tables and chairs, and clean them regularly, you will end up draining your pocket.

  • First things first, plastics, metals, and woods need a different and distinct approach.
  • Most wooden seating and garden tables entail hardwood construction. You can clean and take care of them in a similar manner.
  • Use a bristled brush with soft nylon for removing light debris. Clean the table with a damp cloth or sponge. Use lukewarm water and mild domestic soap for the needful.
  • If you have excess water, soak it up with a lint-free towel or microfiber.
  • Allow enough time for the wood for drying up naturally. For those who own the woodgrain patina, which typically fades to a much lighter shade, you can clean the items once or twice every year.

If you want to maintain the natural brown hue of the wood, you need to clean it on a regular basis. Treat the wood with furniture oil. You can also use a sealant layer. The frequency depends on the climate you’re living in.

Some Crucial Pointers

For the right stain treatment, use a solution of bleach in one cup. Mix it with a half cup of mild dish detergent. Mix the solution with one gallon of water. Take a spray bottle for rinsing out an existing bottle from your door/window treatment. Spray on the stained areas in the most meticulous fashion.

  • Wait for an hour or so before rinsing the surface with clean water. Allow the table to dry completely.
  • If your patio covers are seeing mildew problems, you can use the same solution.
  • Drying and folding are as important as cleaning. Make sure the covers are fully dry before you fold them or store them. If they still contain moisture, it will eventually be the breeding ground for mold.

The fabric will deteriorate and deplete in storage. Make sure your storage space doesn’t have congestion. Allow breathability.