Tips and Tricks to get the most from your Camper and Motorhome Holiday in New Zealand

Tips and Tricks to get the most from your Camper and Motorhome Holiday in New Zealand

New Zealand is a fantastic motorhome destination that offers plenty to do and see during your travels while enjoying the freedom to choose your own route. Some planning and these tricks and tips will allow you to get the most enjoyment from your vacation.

Do Research about New Zealand before You Visit

having a little of a concept of New Zealand before you arrive together with the things you’d like to do and see will assist in putting together an itinerary. Even if the plan isn’t perfect an outline can help you maximize your holiday time. There are plenty of internet-based resources that your preferred search engine will direct you to. Another method if you’d want to make a stop and get to know the locals is to obtain a Native Parks guidebook so you can create an itinerary based on the locations and people in who you are interested. When you are you are in New Zealand the local people can be a good source of details about the region and sharing stories with fellow travelers will provide you with suggestions too.

Dont too Rely upon Motorhome or Camper

Your motorhome or camper will be spacious enough to accommodate your personal belongings but they’re not luggage comfortable. Take bags that fold down, or when you are returning the vehicle to the pickup point, make sure you check ahead to see the rental company’s policy on storing your luggage empty.

Buy Atlas to Get Around

A great road atlas can help and some are equipped with information for campers as well as points that are worth a visit (try Hema New Zealand Touring Atlas). Some rental companies don’t offer detailed road maps, therefore it is worth checking If you can purchase one prior to arriving in NZ it will help you with planning your trip. The speed limit for open roads is 100km/hr, but do not expect to travel over 75 km/hr, and if you’re taking photographs, 50km/hr would be more real. Even with a great road atlas, it’s not impossible to be lost in huge cities and towns. The ideal solution is to be patient and follow the direction you intend to depart from. Compasses are a great aid, particularly if you come from the Northern hemisphere since the position of the sun on the sky can be in opposition and could be very confusing.

Better to Park Motorhome in the Evening

Parking up in the evening is a good idea. You need your motorhome at an even level. What may appear to be level during the day, will be altered at night, when you’re asleep, particularly when you’re a little head down? If you’re unsure, it’s easy to place a ball on the floor of your camper to check which way it moves. The best option is a glass marble, and if your campervan is carpeted like many placed, place a book in the middle. If you prefer shade in the morning, you must consider this while you are parking. Your compasses can help you here as well. In peak times, camping areas are packed and a set of earplugs could help you regain your sense of sanity.

Use Functions of Motorhomes Appropriately

Logistics Campers are your place to stay away from your home, but in lieu of having the essential services, you bring them along with you. Self-contained motorhomes come with freshwater tanks and grey water (from showers and sinks) along with the black one (toilet). Greywater as well as the toilet cassette is able to be removed at a dumpsite and there are numerous throughout New Zealand and your rental company will provide you with the information on how to locate these. The toilet cassette is laced with chemicals to eliminate bugs and keep all things fresh. However, take care to treat the dumpsites area with care, and don’t forget to wear disposable latex gloves. It is common for an outlet to be placed close to the dump station so that the cassette is able to be rinsed after being empty. Do not make use of this tap to fill the freshwater reservoir. In all honesty that, if you take care of the dump station procedure is clean and safe. It is simple to find when you’re staying in well-established camping areas, however, many tourists prefer to go with a less formal approach, and getting water requires some more creativity.

Always Utilize Bins at Petrol Stations

Another possible source is petrol stations. You’re giving the business, so inquire and they’ll usually answer yes. The same goes for garbage disposal. Using trash bins in public areas to dispose of household waste is not considered acceptable; however, it’s fine to utilize the bins located at petrol stations. It is important to get rid of your garbage often so that the amount remains small. If you have a family, expect your freshly filtered, black, and greywater to last for three to five days before you need to refill. If you plan to travel for a prolonged period, it’s recommended to remove the freshwater tank every time you are refilling. Water pump, lights, and fridge all run on the battery in your home that needs to be saved when not connected to the mains electricity. The best way to conserve power is to reduce the refrigerator’s temperature down, particularly in the case of stopping after the conclusion of your day. It is common for fridges in campers for rental to be two-way (mains electricity and batteries) the 3-way fridges only be powered by gas when the vehicle is stationary.

Hire Entertaining Motorhome

A few of the largest motorhomes for rent come with TVs, and besides who would want to enjoy a show on vacation? A set of cards or travel game sets are enjoyable ways to pass the time through the night with an alcoholic drink and figure out who’s on the plates tonight! There are plenty of outdoor pursuits and one that you might want to look into is fishing. New Zealand has an extensive coastline, and there is no permit needed to be able to catch fish in the ocean However, this is not the case when fishing in freshwater. So, make sure you go into a tackle shop and discover the local rules. In both cases, size restrictions are strictly enforced, and ignorance is not a defense and they are well-publicized. A purchase of serious fishing equipment might not be feasible and a basic setup will suffice. It’s the Warehouse Chain of Stores, which is home to everything cheap and fun, has fishing gear, and you can purchase the bits and pieces you forgot at home, like the swimsuit (though make sure to ask for togs to let locals know what you’re searching for). Be careful when fishing off the rocks of the beach, it is risky, don’t put your back against the ocean, and wearing an oar device is a good idea and you should inform someone that you’re heading there or put a note inside the vehicle. Don’t leave when it appears rough.

Essential Things to Take 

If you’re not planning to spend the night in a camping area and you have charging devices such as a twelve-volt charging device or power transformer that has a cigarette lighter adapter is required. Use them only while the engine is running because they draw power away from your main battery. A torch is handy, as an insect repellent. Hand sanitizer made of ethanol like Purell is very convenient and reduces the consumption of water. A washing line and pegs or even better as an e-washing line that is made from two bungee cords that are twisted lets hand washing dry, and is able to be set up in your vehicle while you drive. Etihad and Turkish Airlines offer great deals on flights.