What to Do When Visiting Oakland

What to Do When Visiting Oakland

If you love music, the beach, and fun: Oakland is the place to go.  Although this is an expensive city to visit, it makes up for all of the things you can do and see while you’re in town.

These are some of the best places to go, and things to see, while you visit!

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Visit Angel Island

If there’s anything that drives people to start looking at Oakland houses for sale, it’s a visit to Angel Island.  Once the home of a military installation, this small island now offers a 360-degree view of cities, greenery, and beautiful waters.

While on the island, you can see everything from the San Francisco skyline, Mount Tamalpais, and the Marin County Headlands.  This island is a historic landmark, and although it’s had a strange past, it’s become a major focus of tourism in the area. 

Go To Oakland Zoo

The Oakland Zoo is located in the Grass Valley neighborhood of Oakland.  Thanks to its location, far away from the noise and chaos of city traffic, the 17,000 square foot zoo offers a glimpse into animals’ lives while they live comfortably and quietly.

This zoo houses thousands of animals stretched out over 850 species that are native and exotic.  Known best for its animal care and helping rehabilitate elephants, this zoo focuses its attention on wildlife conservation and introducing people to species they wouldn’t meet otherwise.

Visit the Chabot Space and Science Center

This space and science center offers local schools and tourists the chance to learn more about astronomy and science.  Every first Friday of the month, visitors get to come in for free and take in the sights without having to pay the steep price.

Although it can get crowded, most people enjoy it, giving it five stars across several sites like Google reviews and Yelp.  The push to educate and inform in fascinating ways has surely inspired many new astronomers and scientists in the area.

Go To Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park

California’s redwoods are unique trees that have been iconic of the west coast since they were first found.  Unfortunately, many of these forests are dying off, so the Reinhardt Regional Park is one of the last of its kind.

When you visit, you can enjoy the quiet and breezy park as it’s meant to be seen.  The walking trails are accessible for almost anyone, giving you the chance to move between these tall and gorgeous trees, offering education on how we can fight back against their extinction.

Visit the Lawrence Hall of Science

The Lawrence Hall of Science is a public center that offers the chance to be hands-on with science in ways that we generally don’t get to be.  Working to inspire young people into careers in science, they make it fun and interesting while avoiding being preachy or lecturing.

Located above the University of California, less than a mile from its botanical garden, you can slip away and enjoy learning fascinating information unlike anywhere else.